Tier 3 $50.00mth

Tier 3 Service Package includes

1. Any system failures, Critical Windows updates, System warnings, overheating will notify Compu-Fix immediately. This is a proactive step on keeping your systems running healthy. In addition, most common programs will be updated for you automatically, you will not have to worry about updating your software to the latest version.

2. Unlimited Subscription Antivirus /Antimalware software. (Will not be paying yearly)

3. Unlimited Remote and Phone tech support. Any issues you have with your computer rest assured you can contact us and we will fix it remotely at no charge. All work done remotely is covered. Savings of 90.00 a hour

4. Unlimited Bench support

5 .Unlimited Onsite Service (including picking up computer to work on)

6. Unlimited Offsite data Backup

Exclusions – Hardware replacement or upgrades are not included in any Tier of service. No Contract length of time. Cancel any time.